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The passage is attributed to an unknown typesetter in the 15th century who is thought to have scrambled parts of Cicero’s De Finibus Bonorum et Malorum for use in a type specimen book. So how did the classical Latin become so incoherent? According to McClintock, a 15th century typesetter likely scrambled part of Cicero’s De Finibus in order to provide placeholder text to mockup various fonts for a type specimen book.

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Construction and Details

So there you have it. Lorem ipsum: the nonsense words unable to fully designing escape meaning. Of course, we’d be remiss not to include the veritable cadre of lorem ipsum knock offs featuring:

  • Overall: 28″H, 70″W, 20.65″D
  • Shelf Dimensions: 0.70″H, 32.5″W, 18″D
  • Distance Between Adjustable Holes: 2″
  • Distance Between Legs: 14″ short side; 52.5″ long side
  • Sealed with clear lacquer for protection
  • Under Clearance: 6″

There was that time artists at Sequence opted to hand-Sharpie the lorem ipsum passage on a line of paper bags they designed. Those with an eye for detail may have caught a tribute to the classic text in an episode of Mad Men (S6E1 around 1:18:55 for anyone that didn’t). And here is a lorem ipsum tattoo.

Dimensions and Materials

And that’s why a 15th century typesetter might have scrambled a passage of Cicero; he wanted people to focus on his fonts, to imagine their own content on the pages. He wanted people to see, and to get them to see he had to keep them from reading.

So when is it okay to use lorem ipsum? First, lorem ipsum works well for staging. It’s like the props in a furniture store—filler text makes it look like someone is home. The same Wordpress template might eventually be home to a fitness blog, a photography website, or the online journal of a cupcake fanatic. Lorem ipsum helps them imagine.


Beyaz, Siyah



59"H, 63"W, 83"D

Headboard Height





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The purpose of lorem ipsum is to create a natural looking block of text (sentence, paragraph, page, etc.) that doesn’t distract from the layout. A practice not without controversy, laying out pages with meaningless filler text can be very useful when the focus is meant to be on design, not content.

  • Vestibulum penatibus nunc dui adipiscing convallis bulum parturient suspendisse.
  • Abitur parturient praesent lectus quam a natoque adipiscing a vestibulum hendre.
  • Diam parturient dictumst parturient scelerisque nibh lectus.

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It’s difficult to find examples of lorem ipsum in use before Letraset made it popular as a dummy text in the 1960s, although McClintock says he remembers coming across the lorem ipsum passage in a book of old metal type samples. So far he hasn’t relocated where he once saw the passage, but the popularity of Cicero in the 15th century supports.

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